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Always by MeganLara Always by MeganLara

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A few notes: 

This is my own personal interpretation of Snape (sorry fangirls, I loved Alan Rickman’s Snape but I never felt he looked quite like how I pictured him). I always imagined him as having a more slender face and being younger. Hopefully that doesn’t keep you from appreciating it; this is one of the very few pieces where everything came out exactly as I intended, and I am very happy with it! :)  So, I would appreciate it if there was no complaining about how he doesn’t look like Alan Rickman, as he’s not supposed to look like him. :D  He may not look like your own personal idea of Snape—it’s impossible to capture everyone’s own personal idea of him—but it’s mine and I think you can at least tell who it is. :)

Originally the patronus was much brighter.  While this was pretty, it was definitely detracting from the piece as a whole.  It was overpowering Snape, and taking it from a piece about him to more like “Here’s a cool-looking doe with Snape in the background.”  Trust me when I say that as a piece, it overall works better without such a bright, glowy doe, as the two were REALLY competing for attention before.  

Someone also mentioned that they didn’t think his scowl matched how he should be looking when casting his patronus (because he would need to summon his happiest memory).  While this may be true, this piece is meant to represent Snape’s overall character, and I almost exclusively imagine Snape scowling.  Plus, I think his scowl juxtaposes nicely against it—and it’s representative of Snape himself, as he has a tough outer exterior with his softer side hidden from the world.

The symbols in the seal behind him are potions, lilies, the symbol on the Defense Against the Dark Arts book, a snake and the Deathly Hollows symbol.  A little Easter egg: the cauldron bears the Roman numerals for the number “394.”  You can see more potions and things behind him, and a snitch is at the bottom as well (mostly just as a design filler and I liked how it looked there.) :D  

Anyway, this was a pretty personal design for me as Snape’s one of my faves (the other is Luna).  I hope you guys like it too!



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March 10, 2014
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